What Sets Us Apart

ERP SYSTEMS are designed to build the part on paper FIRST in order to capture capacity, quality and supply chain impediments to zero PPM and takt time success.

BEST PEOPLE:  We truly build quality into each part. Our top machinists are classically trained in quality and certified (“Op Cert”) by our Quality Department.  Our Process and Quality Engineers are trained around our customers’ latest quality demands.  We achieve approval on the first FAIR, PPAP and FPA submittal.

NEW EQUIPMENT: 5 Axis, VTL w/Live Tools, Turn, Mill, Grind, EDM, CMM, Pre-Setters

QUALITY ASSURANCE: Our great culture is at the center of our rigid adherence to ISO 9001:2015, AS 9100 and our customers’ systems.

5S ADHERENCE: Countless visitors to our factories in Connecticut and India say they can “feel the quality” as they tour our plants and meet our people.